Day 2

Powerful, simple habits distinguish successful and happy people from the rest.

The people that consistently take decisions and actions towards the direction of their dreams are the ones that actually get there.

A habit is nothing more than a decision you make, day after day after day. 

So, today, I want to share with you a habit that can help you understand yourself better- and what makes you happy. 

First, make sure you’ve set your intention for today. Remember to ask yourself how your ideal self looks like, and take a small part of it that you are going to focus on.



The second step is simple:

Set your alarm to ring every hour. Once that happens, stop whatever you are doing, and ask yourself: What makes me happy, right now?

If you feel that you are not happy at the moment the alarm rings, change the question and ask yourself: What would make me happy, right now?

Make sure to write down the answer. By the end of the day, you will have a list of things that make you happy.

Keep that list; we’re going to use it later on.

Now, take a moment to start the exercise right NOW. What makes you happy right now? Or what can make you happy? Write the answer in the comments below.

And set your alarm to ring every one hour for the rest of the day.

Looking forward to your responses,

Live fully and be awesome.

Gerdy Heek

Life Plan Design


  1. Naomi Dongelmans

    At this moment I’m happy that I planned my day and that this training is part of it.

  2. René Arns

    What makes me happy right now is the simple fact that I am sitting here on my couch and I am free to do whatever I want. I am healthy and life provides me with all I need. Peace.

  3. Marianne Vanderveen-Kolkena IBCLC, BSc

    What makes me happy right now, is that I have to go to the post office to send off a box with a really large order of the books that I sell! Doubly happy: money coming in to keep my practice going and even more important: the message of those books going into the larger public!

    • Gerdy Heek

      That’s so awesome Marianne! time to celebrate big time…:)

  4. Dick Sandbergen

    This exercise makes me happy, I am looking forward to today

  5. Patricia Budding

    What makes me happy is that my 6-year-old daughter placed a new toilet role in the toilet, for the first time.

    Looking at the reaction of my cat when I open the kitchen window for her. To see her sticking out her nose, sniff three times and then she shakes her head and runs back into the house. That is really funny, she does it every day. I am guessing what she might think: Oh no, it is too cold today! Or: Ooops, too much wind! Or: My god it is going to rain!

    • Gerdy Heek

      I’ve got a cat and all the time she goes out when it’s a bit cold, is shaking her feet when she tries the outside ground. Soo funny. Makes me happy too… thanks for reminding me:)

  6. Gonny de Wit

    What makes me happy is take life as it is. Enjoy the sun while shining not only thinking it but also just say it out loud. So other people know what makes me happy. Enjoy the rain drop that touches my skin.
    In business it makes my happy finishing what I promised and do 1 step to fulfill my potential.

  7. Cailin Kuit

    What makes me really happy is that I have a group of super loyal and dedicated friends and coworkers around me.

  8. Tineke de Bunje

    At this moment, the sun is just going to shine strongly enough to make the fog go away. Seeing this from my balcony with glass around makes me feel that my worries are not strong enough to be kept.

  9. Ester van den Bulk

    “enjoy” what can I enjoy today.
    At this moment I hear a bird whistling and that sounds great.
    “As free as a bird goes through me”.
      I believe I can enjoy that


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