Challenge #1: Visualize your Ideal Life

It isn’t necessary to know exactly how your Ideal Life will look. You only have to know what feels right and what feels wrong.

Nisandeh Neta

Challenge #1: Visualize your Ideal Life

The Why

To best understand your ideal life, it’s important to have a picture of the destination; in other words, what you want to accomplish, and the path you need to travel to get there.

The What

Before you begin a journey, it’s a good idea to know your destination.

This is true, whether you are embarking on a road trip, or preparing for your Ideal Life. Certainly, there are times when that destination might change. However, an understanding of where you want to end up will help keep you focused and on your path, even if you are experiencing detours, bumps in the road, or a wrong turn. The best way to ensure you know where you are going is to visualize that destination.

This is where visualization becomes an important tool. Visualization helps in two ways:

1) It “burns” the picture of your Ideal Life into your unconscious mind, which helps “magnetize” into your life whatever is needed to manifest that picture.

2) It puts you in a terrific mood to start your day.


Every morning, for the next week, just after you wake up, take a few moments to visualize your Ideal Life.

While still in bed, sit up, close your eyes, and take a few deep breaths. Then, in your mind’s eye, start imagining all aspects of your Ideal Life, as if they are already happening. You can focus on:

  • Where you will live
  • What you will do for a living
  • What you will do to relax
  • How you will maintain ideal health
  • Who you will spend time with
  • How you will contribute to society

For example, on the first day, you might visualize where you live. Use your imagination to walk around your ideal house or apartment, and notice the details. Visualize the rooms, notice the views from the windows, pay attention to the smells you experience and sounds you hear as you walk around your dwelling. Touch something in each room – the curtains, the sofas, the texture of the walls and carpets. When you step outside, notice the setting, whether it is a garden, beach or street. Look at the beauty and feel the wind. And, above all, feel that sense of joy as you move through your ideal living quarters.

Day 2, you might want to visualize a day in your Ideal Life. You can imagine what you eat throughout the day, what you are wearing, your interactions with others, and your activities. And again, feel that enthusiasm, joy, and wonder as you move through your day.

Moving on, keep exploring another aspect of your Ideal Life every day.

When you have finished your visualization, slowly return to the present. Take a moment to write some of your impressions about your Ideal Life below – and how you felt while living it. You don’t have to restrict yourself to words; if you want to draw images, do so!

The Video

This challenge comes with a video. Nisandeh guides you through a visualization to help you picture your ideal life… it will help you to discover the dream life that you might be afraid of to think about, because you think it’s beyond your reach, or impossible now… and believe me, besides that, it will give you a fantastic time:)

Do you dare to dream, and give it a try?

then CLICK HERE for the video

Live fully, be awesome,