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A Life of Happiness, Health, Wealth and Wisdom?

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For ambitious professionals who want to live better lives…

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Life Plan Design Online Class
It’s about the ONE THING you can do TODAY in any area of your life… That costs you NO MONEY and almost NO TIME… That will bring more happiness, health and wealth into your life than anything else… And will do it very quickly.

Welcome to Happy, Healthy, Wealthy & Wise

“Ambition is the fuel that keeps us going.
Without it, we just take a walk in life without direction.
The way I see it, a life without purpose is a life wasted.”

My name is Nisandeh Neta.

Over many years (more than I care to remember), I’ve dedicated my life to making this world a better place, by empowering people to fulfill their greatest potential.

After 21 years of sharing my business and life lessons with 150,000 entrepreneurs (and wannabe entrepreneurs) in live training sessions and mentoring programs… I have a proven track record of helping people reach their biggest goals.

Don’t know me? Read the short version of my story here.


Now, I’ve embarked on a new journey…

As I share, for the first time ever, the lessons I learned and practice every day, to empower YOU to become more Happy, Healthy, Wealthy and Wise.

The same methods, concepts, strategies and practices that have gotten me to where I am today. With a super successful business and a loving family.

I am now totally focused on helping you follow the same path I traveled, to live a fulfilling, abundant life.

Why I am here for you?


Now… I’m not claiming that my knowledge and experience is better than someone else’s.

And I’m pretty sure that among the scammers, the charlatans, the pseudo-experts, and the nut cases… there are genuinely brilliant people out there who are brave enough to share their knowledge and experience with the world…

Even when most people in this world really won’t listen.

But… I do offer you something that no one else is offering right now.

Rare insights from a self-made-millionaire (and one-time bankrupt), who is still grounded in the ideas and concepts that are most important for living a fulfilled and abundant life.

The same concepts that took me from struggling, with no direction in life, to battling and winning many serious setbacks and disappointments…

To being one of the most respected trainers and coaches in Europe who helps hundreds of thousands of people live better lives.


The real reason most people never live life fully

And how I’ll help you to live your best life

You know what people say about achieving their goals. 

“I’ll start tomorrow”… yet tomorrow never comes.

Others get all excited and start chasing their dreams, only to let their excitement and momentum fade away soon afterward.

The real factor that drives people to not only dream big, but follow through on their dreams to live their best life…

Is Having the Ambition To Do It

In this case, we’re talking about having the ambition to do what it takes, to live with happiness, health, financial freedom and wisdom.

Which is Why I’m Hosting…

“The Ambition Code” Seminar:

A 12-Step Plan to Becoming

Happy, Healthy, Wealthy and Wise.


Give me 8 hours of your time, and I’ll prove to you…

Not only do I know what I’m talking about… you can embrace the same methods, habits and practices I used to create an extraordinary life… full of:

REAL Happiness

Not the “fake” Facebook “Look how happy I am. Please LIKE me!” type of happiness. Instead, a life full of purpose, of deep connections, of overcoming challenges and achieving lofty goals, of love, meaning and personal growth.

REAL Health

Which transformed me from a sickly “couch potato” to a top athlete… running marathons and climbing the highest mountains on the planet… along the way, eliminating severe asthma and acute laziness.

REAL Wealth

Wealth that is so much more than money. Yes, I’m getting paid in a day, what both my parents earned in their entire 40-year careers…

More important is experiencing total financial freedom that allows me to never have to work again. (Though I tried to retire to the Caribbean, I ran back screaming to the real world after 2 weeks… What do I do now!)

REAL Wisdom

My daughter doesn’t think I’m that wise, and I suspect my wife has her doubts, too. But I do feel connected to something bigger than me, and I do listen to the voice of the GPS in my heart that regularly whispers “turn right” or “turn left” or “make a U turn.”

And I truly believe that the same methods and strategies can transform your life, too. Because we’re both just people, though right now our level of ambition may not be the same.

However, when you let me teach you my secrets for traveling up the path that led me to the wonderful life I live today, you’ll see how you too, can tap into your inner ambition…

To live your best life.

You Can Live a Life of Freedom, Too

Start Down the Path to Living Your Best Life…With My Help

One of the biggest reasons people fail to create the lives of their dreams, is the lack of a support system. In fact, if you’ve ever tried to achieve something big in your life, you probably received comments from the “nay-sayers” in your life.

At “The Ambition Code” Seminar, you’ll be among supportive, like-minded entrepreneurs and professionals, who are on the same path to living their big life that you will soon experience.

Which means your chances are very good that you’ll be able to live with happiness every day, instead of the stress and disappointments that take over so many people’s lives.

Which means your chances are very good for you to create a life of healthy living, so you no longer have to deal with nagging health issues, or just general lack of energy, that prevents you from living a full life every day.

Which means your chances are very good that you’ll find a way to be more fulfilled in your career, while earning a living that you never dreamed possible. Yet is very possible, when you follow my lead.

Which means you’ll also gain important insights and wisdom along the way, to help you navigate the path of life, while knowing the right course to take. And when it’s important to do the right thing, regarding your family, people you meet and the world in general.


You may expect an experience like this to cost you thousands

The fact is, many personal development types charge many thousands of euros to get everything in alignment, so you can truly live your most full, big life. Though most of these programs still fall short.

The standard fee to attend “The Ambition Code” Seminar is €475 per person. However, for a very limited time, you can get a DISCOUNTED ticket to attend “The Ambition Code” Seminar… for only €47.

Your Decision Today Is 100% Risk Free

After you’ve attended “The Ambition Code” Seminar… if you’re not totally ecstatic about what you discovered, just call the phone number on your receipt, and I will refund 100% of your investment immediately.

This is how certain I am that “The Ambition Code” Seminar will be the first step up the path to your transformation for becoming Happy, Healthy, Wealth and Wise… and living the full life you deserve to… and were meant to live.

Reserve your place at “The Ambition Code” Seminar… for only €47.

OK… So you might be thinking now,

“Hey Nisandeh… What’s the catch?”

OK… there is a catch!

“The Ambition Code” and my new, one-year Happy, Healthy, Wealthy and Wise program, are NOT for everyone… What I will share with you are methods, practices, habits and beliefs that require determination, commitment, daring, willingness to do whatever it takes, willingness to fail and get up again, and occasional willingness to sacrifice short-term pleasure for long-term gain. Only a few people in the masses will be willing to be THAT committed, THAT ambitious, THAT courageous. In full transparency, I’m in a phase in my life, that I’m not willing to compromise my truth, or lower my standards, for any reason, for any person. I will only work with people who, when they start working with me, DO NOT STOP until they become extremely happy, healthy, wealthy and wise. If you are ready to find out how ambitious you really are, and you believe that you are the right type of person to join me at “The Ambition Code” Seminar…  Then I salute you, for your courage, for your commitment, for your dedication to fulfill your greatest potential. You are the type of person who I created “The Ambition Code” Seminar for.

Click here to grab your Discounted Ticket to the Ambition Code Seminar now.

I’m looking forward to having you in “The Ambition Code” Seminar. And helping you live a full life every day.  And until then… Live fully, be awesome, Nisandeh Neta

PS. If you know any ambitious professional that could benefit from the “The Ambition Code” seminar – please share with them this page: www.lifeplandesign.com