You can earn 10 times more… in 12 months

OK… here is a fact you might not like to read…

Right now, there are people in your field, doing similar work to yours, and yet getting paid 10 times, 50 times, maybe a 100 times more than you are.

In a moment, I’m going to explain why is that, and give you a way to earn at least 10 times more… in 12 months…

But before I do that, you need to identify – at least one person that is actually in that position.

Someone you know, either personally or by reputation, that is doing a similar work to yours, in your field, but is earning many, many times more than you do.

Got that person in mind? Great!
If not, keep looking, otherwise, the next part won’t make sense, nor difference…


Now, hold that person in your mind, and think, how come this person earns 10, 50 or a 100 times more than you?

  • Is this person’s knowledge is 10, 50 or a 100 times bigger than yours?
  • Is this person working 10, 50 or a 100 times more hours than you?

Your answer to both questions is probably ‘NO’.

So… it’s clearly not the amount of hours you put in your work that makes that much of a difference.

And… and this is the upsetting part, for most experts… Your knowledge, information, experience and expertise, do not make that much of a difference, either…

Which means… After all the time, effort and money you invested in studying, researching, practicing and sharing your skills and expertise… there is ‘something else’ – something totally different that is actually responsible to your income.

And as long as you will ignore that ‘something else’ you will keep earning a mediocre income.
While those who got that ‘something else’ will keep earning 10, 50 or 100 times more than you, for practically similar work and expertise.

So… what is this ‘something else’?

I call it your Super Skills.

Super Skills are skills that multiply your income EACH TIME you apply one of them in your business or profession.

For example (just 3 out of the 25 Super Skills):

  • Marketing is a Super Skill.
    The better you are at marketing, the more you will earn. Simple, right?
  • Public speaking is a Super Skill.
    The bigger the audience you can address with your message, the more you will earn.
  • Leadership is a Super Skill.
    The better leader you are, the better your team performs, and the more you will earn.

I can go on and on (I’ve identified 25 Super Skills, and would be happy to share more of them with you), but I think you get my point.

Now… don’t go cringing saying, “but I’m a lousy leader”, “I’m scared of public speaking” and “I hate marketing”.

I understand.

And if you would have known me a few years ago, you would hear me whining each one of these statements.

BUT… The truth is…

No one was ever born with any mastery of the Super Skills.

Not you. Not me. Nor Richard Branson, Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey or the Dalai Lama.

But any Super Skill, like any skill, can be learned, practiced and mastered.

Actually, with focused effort, you can master 1, 2 or even 3 Super Skills in 12-month period.

Now… if that’s not good enough news for you… here are some greater news…

Super Skills multiply your income exponentially.

Meaning, each time you apply them together they multiply their power.

  • So, when I became good at public speaking I could move from training groups of 6–12 people to training groups of 100–200 people.
  • When I became good at marketing, I could actually bring a 1,000 people into the room every couple of months.
  • But, when I became a better leader, my team started running the show without me, which allowed me to focus only on the things I wanted to do, and master even more Super Skills.

You see… exponential growth…

Now… there are 25 Super Skills you might want to learn, practice and master in your lifetime.

No need to master all of them at once (or at all).

But remember… the more Super Skills you become good at, the bigger your income multiplier.

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