Your brain – use it or loose it

Your brain drives 24/7 in fifth gear. Change gears regularly or you’ll burn it.

Nisandeh Neta

Warning: an important fact, in scientific jargon:

“In recent years, scientists have found out that Neuroplasticity (the brain’s ability to reorganize itself through neural pathways and connections in response to real or imagined experiences) is NOT limited to young people and does NOT have to decrease or decline with age.”


What does it actually mean?

  • That we do NOT have a fixed number of brain cells that die off as we grow older.
  • That we can generate NEW brain cells.
  • That we can create NEW stronger neural pathways through deliberately creating NEW patterns.


The practical conclusion:

You can strengthen and rejuvenate your brain… at ANY age… with…



  • Neurobics are exercises that use all of our senses in NEW and UNUSUAL ways.
  • Neurobics is something ANYONE can do ANYWHERE in just A FEW minutes a day.
  • Neurobics is NOT a quick fix, but a conscious lifestyle choice.
  • Neurobics is a way to get your brain to work out, using everyday activities as your brain gym.


In the coming Be Happy & Healthy workshop I lead together with my good friend Dr. Roy Martina – I will focus most of my health sessions on teaching and demonstrating my favorite (and most effective and fun) Neurobics exercises, so you go home with a set of simple, easy-to-do, quick and fun exercise that actually WORK.


If you haven’t reserved your place yet in this powerful, one-time-only weekend workshop, we still have a few places available for a very special deal… It’s only for a few people, so you’ll have to apply for the special deal, by filling in a short application form here.


But even before the workshop, here is some more information about Neurobics.


Neurobics exercises should include at least one or more of the following:

  1. Use one (or more) of your senses in a new way
  2. Really engage your emotions
  3. Break a routine


Here are a few tips to consider before you start using Neurobics…

  1. Carefully select what you expose your brain to…
  2. Begin and end each day on a positive note…
  3. Think Big…
  4. Meditate…
  5. Have Fun….


OK… Enough teasing…


Here are 3 simple, fun and effective Neurobics exercises you can do today:


  1. Turn your life upside-down

Turn your calendar, pictures, artwork, notes on the fridge, clock and anything else you’d like, upside-down.

This forces the perceiving, creative right side of your brain to take over the job of the analytical, logical left side of your brain.


  1. An unusual meal
  • Start with dessert and end with soup or salad.
  • Eat breakfast for dinner and dinner for breakfast.
  • Create some unusual meals by asking each family member to choose one dish for the meal without knowing what everyone else is choosing.
  • Eat in a new location. Try eating outside or having a picnic on the living room
  • Try a new unique food and serve it in an unusual container.


  1. Break your morning routine
  • Instead of watching/listening/reading the news, switch to a children’s program/book.
  • Get your alarm to wake you 10 minutes earlier. Change the alarm tone, or music to something new.
  • Change the order of your morning routine (e.g . breakfast first, then shower).
  • Eat a totally different breakfast once in a while.


In the coming one-time “Be Happy & Healthy” workshop, Dr. Roy Martina will show you how to live many more years than you thought possible, while keeping your body healthy and disease-proof.


I will focus on teaching you how to make sure that your brain stays young, creative and dementia-proof so you can actually enjoy your healthy, vital, energetic, long life.


The normal price for this workshop is €975 (€1,375 for a VIP ticket), but for a very limited time, we have a special offer for you to join us in the “Be Happy & Healthy” workshop for a (very) discounted price.


It’s only for a few people, so you’ll have to apply for the special deal, by filling in a short application form here.


Go exercise your brain… a few minutes a day, that’s all it takes.


And if you get excited for the possibility of living long life, with total health and vitality AND sharp, young, creative brain… then I’ll see you in the Be Happy & Healthy Weekend workshop.


And until then…


Live fully, be awesome,


Nisandeh Neta


  1. Here is the link to the SPECIAL OFFER application form again….


What are your tips?

If you have any tip we all can use to get your brain to workout, please take a moment to share your tip with us in the comment box below…

Looking forward to meet you in the Be Happy & Healthy workshop on September 16 & 17. 

And until then…

Live fully, be awesome,

Nisandeh Neta